Sunday, 22 November 2015

A beer fair

Hi there,

how was your weekend? Yesterday I visited a beer fair. The event was organised in the third pavillion of The Poznan International Fair. There were about forty expositors participated in. Every of them constructed their stall, which offered many attractions. It was a possibility to try nearly one hundred and seventy beers from small and local breweries. Some of them had their premiere during the fair.

The idea of beer fair was not only to sell as many bottles as possible but also to let a visitor try some amount of a beer. The organisers proposed to use a special glasses as to make better visitors' taste experiences. Drinking from the glass is supposed to be better than from a plastic. Every visitor could borrow one paying a security deposit. There were also avaliable a few taps which let the people wash their glasses. It was important not to mix two different beers in one glass.

The beer stalls offered a small amount of beer to try. However, to tell you the truth, the price was not adequate to the full size bottle of one beer so it was better to buy a half litre of a drink.

I am visualizer as every woman so I was fully focused on colorful beer stickers. It could sound strange if someone appreciates a beer judging by its sticker but for me many of them were very interesting.
I tried to drink one dark beer from a local Wschowa's brewery. For the first time I really liked one dark rather than a lager. For me that I tried was not similar to dark one, besides its color. Its taste was very sweet and it had a gentian in the same time. It was a really good choice. I have also bought four bottles from the same brewery as the dark one. I wanted to try some new which I had never tried before so I chose ginger, chocolate, mint and strawberry beers. There are not pasteurized so their expiration date is quite short.
I am really curious of the new tastes as I like trying new beers, especially those from local breweries.

I hope that next year I will also be able to partecipate in that interesting event. 

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