Saturday, 28 March 2015

The Volleyball Champions League

Hi everyone,

Today is a big day for Polish volleyball. Two Polish teams are playing in the Final Four of The Volleyball Champions League. This is the first time when as many as two Polish partecipants have advanced to the final phase. All Poles could be proud of Skra Belchatow and Resovia Rzeszow.

What is really the Volleyball Champions League? The event was initiated in 2000 as a continuation of the previous competition called the Volleyball UEFA Champions League. Well, this type of tournament has been organised continually since 1960. It consists of four different phases, in which teams play initially in bigger and then in smaller groups. It is needed to play two matches with every partecipant of the group, the first and the rematch. The Volleyball Champions League usually starts in October and finishes in March. The teams have to reconcile the play in their national leagues with that in the Champions because there is no break that could facilitate a participation in multinational tournament.

Which club has scored the biggest number of titles? Undoubtly, the masters come from the Russian Federation and more precisely the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics. The real winner is the team CSKA Moscow. On the next two places there are the partecitapants from Italy, Modena and Treviso.
What about Polish teams? Have we scored at least one title? Yes, we have. In 1978 the players from Plomien Milowice won the Champions. Unfortunately, the club has just not existed for many years but there are another great teams well-prepared to win. In 1973 Resovia Rzeszow was the nearest to do it, becoming the runner-up just as Skra Belchatow in the year of 2012.

Unfortunately, this year the final draw has not been lucky for Polish teams. Today, in order to advance in the narrow final, one has to eliminate the other. But there is a chance for every two to win a medal. The spectators are waiting for the interesting matches. In the first semi-final participate Zenit Kazan from Russia and Berlin Recycling Volleys from Germany, who is also the organizer of the the Final Four of The Volleyball Champions League 2015.

Please, cross your fingers for every of two Polish teams! May the fair play win! :)

Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog


today I am going to tell you about a dog breed I would like to possess. It is the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, which comes from Czechoslovakia. Now the partnership of Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is Slovakia.

Why have I chosen this dog breed? When I was young, I used to attend with my Axel a dog training, in which was participated also Bey, one of the Wolfdogs. The two dogs started to play together. Bey was a really obedient dog, though he was very young, about three year-old.

What are the main characteristics of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog? The dog is physically strong and well-built, nearly 70 centimeters in the wither height. However, its body seems to be very balanced and suitable. The colour of its coat is similar to the wolf's . The ears are upright and short. There are differences between males and females. The minimum male height is 65 centimeters while female 60 centimeters.

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is a very active and brave dog, which could also become an ideal guardian. Its body is resistant to the various weather conditions. Unfortunately, the Wolfdog can feel easily an owner's emotions so it is not resistant to the stress. It may sometimes be very spooky, which is undoubtly the weakness. In extreme situations the dog could be agressive and dominant, which may be really dangerous for another family members.

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is often trained to become a working dog. In Slovakia there are organised a forty-kilometer runs which are treated as an endurance test to obtain a certificate of dog's usefulness. These dogs also participate in runs for seventy or hundred kilometers.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Polish State Railways- a reflexion


This time I would like to tell you about my experience related to the Polish State Railways.

Travel conditions in Polish trains is a subject of many discussions. The situation is difficult even if many has been done to improve the condition of cars. A plenty of Polish trains are not adeguate to use. There are pretty old, renovated at some part but insufficiently. From my personal experience results that a journey taken by a Polish train could be full of adventures, in a prevalent part these negative.

The Polish State Railways was broken into nearly 16 separate partnerships, which owners do not appreciate one another. It makes the passengers' life harder. The problem begins with difficulties in buying a ticket when somebody has to take different trains during a journey. It can't be sold one ticket because amount of money invested should be divided between two or more railway partnerships.

The conditions during a travel are also far from the ideal. In many trains the air conditioner does not exist so the air is sometimes too cold or in another situation too dry. The toilets' quality is very poor. The toilet bowls are neglected and sometimes this is not enough amount of water or soap to wash the hands.
However, the biggest problem is the poor condition of the railway infrastructure. It is often only one track for two or more trains, therefore one train has to wait for another to pass each other. This situation creates delays, especially when one train has just been delayed before.

The one car's equipment sometimes looks ridiculously. The seats are incomforable like those below, made with plastic. When you travel for nearly five hours, it is important for you to sit comfortably, isn't it?

Hopefully, the tickets' prices are relatively low, especially when somebody is a student or pupil who has a discount. For me it is a shame for railways that there is not discount for donors, which is honoured in an urban transport.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

My hometown


Today I would like to describe you a city that I come from.
Koszalin is situated near the Baltic Sea, about 15 kilometres to the nearest resort. In my home city live almost 110.000 inhabitants. It is the biggest city of the region of the Middle Pomerania, which is not a voivodeship but many people would like to make it the important administrative area.

How is Koszalin like? It is not a large city but very green and friendly. I can say it takes really little time to get from the one border to another. Unfortunately, Koszalin cannot boast of the Old Town. To say the truth, it existed but in 1945 nearly 40 percent of the city was devastated by the Soviet army and also the Old Town. However, it is possible to admire the remnant of the counterwork ,which is situated nearby the Park of the Dukes of Pomerania and the river Dzierzecinka. I can also recommand to see the Catedral, the Chapel of Saint Gertrude and the Domek Kata, where is located one of two theatres of Koszalin.

In Koszalin there are many characteristic buildings which are not the monuments but are affined with the history of the city. The building of the main post office or that of the firehouse are the examples of a tipical neogothic development built with red brick.
Koszalin has many green squares and parks, in which we can take a rest or do up sports. One well-known is Gora Chelmska, which is the topmost point of the city. In the past there was situated a sanctuary destroyed after the Reformation. Nearby we can mount on the observation point, from which we can see a panorama of the city.

The city hall of Koszalin is supposed to be one of the most distinctive in the whole country. Built in 1962, from the beginning was called modern and unique.

Undoubtly, Koszalin invests much in culture and sport. A few years ago a philharmonic hall was rebuilt and now it presents itself very grandly and in a modern way. The main theatre was also renovated. In 2012 the president of Koszalin opened officially the sports hall, which is now the biggest in the Middle Pomerania.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

It's a time for a change

Hi everyone!

I have not been there for so much time ,but saying the truth, I had a winter holiday and decided to do nothing related to my studies :).

With the beginning of a new semester, I tried to change something in my life, doing things that can make my day happier and my mood better. I thought that I am still young and strong so I am able to do everything I can imagine. Just about a month ago there were some moments in which I was feeling overwhelmed by duties, high demands made by myself and long hours of studying. Saying precisely, I had some problems with time organizational skills so even if I had much time, I could not spend it effectively, sacrifying it on duties and fun in a balanced way.

What have I done? I have started to practising sport and it was one of the best decisions in my life. I realised that only 40 minute training makes me feel better and happier. For two weeks now I have done sports at home and every single day I train cardio which involves various excercies of a whole body, burning of lard. It is very important to practise it regularly, otherwise the effect will not be satisfying. The excercises are heavy and at first it is needed to have strong will to survive to the end but I believe that all the efforts will take the positive results.

My cousin claims that I do not need to take up sport because I am slim, but for me being slender does not mean being fit and in good physical condition. I am trying to be a better person and when I do sports, going all out, I think that nothing can break me if I have done my so hard work successfully.

I recommend you to take up some sport because you have only one life and it depends only on your will if you can be on form. Remember also that the diet you maitain is also very important to make your body strong. Good luck !!! :)