Sunday, 30 November 2014

Memories from childhood

This autumn time when we are feeling quite overwhelmed by the weather and the lack of sun, return to our memories from the past.

My childhood was very happy. I grew up in a small town nearby Koszalin, in northen Poland. Many people there knew one another what made this place very familiar. The children were going to one school, participating in its life also after lessons. It was not even one teacher that I could dislike.
I loved my quarter and my own room in our middle-size appartment on the first floor. My parents gave me all their love, teaching me how to be honest and diligent. They also made my life carefree and satisfying. When we moved out from this little town, my life was totally changed. I had to go to another school in a big city, feeling solitude and a lack of acceptance. My friends were staying in our small paradise and from that time we were not in touch. It took me more than a year to get used to a new situation. I found new friends but not as valuable as the previous ones. One day in July 2004, about 3 weeks after the move, we adopted a small dog which had been wandering round our residential area. Alf became my the best friend and we passed all holidays that year together.

One year after we bought another dog, a puppy one, which taught me how to take care of a small creature, making it an obedient animal.

    My friends let me down many times but animals gave a new sense to my life. I decided to help those which were lonely and hurt as I had been in the past. I became a volunteer in an animal shelter, which made me satisfied with the small things we could do for the others.

The winter is coming so remember about animals in need which would like to feel happy even once. Thank You :)

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Cinema time!

The last Wednesday afternoon we decided to go to the cinema. That day in Multikino people who are users of Orange telecommunications operator could buy one ticket for two so we took the opportunity very quickly.

There were many movies to choose due to this fact we had difficulty in making our final decision. That time the cinema offered a few cartoons, one science-fiction, one thriller and two commedy movies. As I detest science fiction and as we are not children, our options decreased. Initially, we intended to watch a movie of family Stuhr called 'Citizen' but having read the viewers' reviewes, we finally chose a french commedy 'Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au Bon Dieu?'.

I cannot remember when I have been laughting so much watching the movie. 
The action of the film takes place in Paris and in a small town when live the parents of brides. You may asked brides? It means that there were organised one big wedding for a few couples? 

Not exactly but if you think this way, you are near the right answer. 
The parents Verneuil have four daughters (oh, irony of fate). Three of them are just got married but not in a Catholic confession as the parents intended (especially mother, an ardent Catholic). First one married an Arabian, the second a Jew and the third a Chinese. You can consider what is wrong in mixed marriage? For the first sight nothing. The women have a satisfied job and in the same time fulfil themselves in bringing up children. 
However, one element disturbs the life of these married couples, that is the father Verneuil and more clearly his attitude to sons-in-law. For sure dad is a racist who likes making causting comments about Jewish religious traditions, always well-organised Chinese and no-pork eating Arabians. The opinions of conservative French always collide with those liberal ideas of young immigrants which always create funny situations and gags. 

The father does not lose his hope to have a French son-in-law because of his maiden daughter who intends to marry a Catholic but it turns out not to be so easy...

For me this movie jeers stereotypes related with people of various nations who live in France and also in another foreign country. Shows that not everything which is different must be worse or dangerous for us. I recommend this movie for those of You who would like to spend time watching a movie which presents our racial antipathy in a satirical way.

Monday, 17 November 2014

One-day sightseeing in Berlin

This is a time to describe my recent trip to one of European capitals.
As You can guess, the opportuniyu hunters do not sleep so we decided to visit Berlin to sightseeing the main attractions in about 9 hours, spending the least amount of money we can.

Of course we chose to travel by the red bus with the busline You probably know quite well.
The return ticket for one person costs 40 PLN. The journey from Poznan to Berlin would take 4 hours but we arrived after 3 hours and a quarter.

Berlin is one of the biggest capital of Europe but having a city map, we could plan our trip carefully. The bus station is situated on the suburbs but the underground and public transport in general can take you to the extremely remote places. One-day ticket for all means of transport costs 6,70 Euro which turns out to be expensive, underlining the fact there are reductions only for children below 14 year-old. Students can receive a reduction if they have an EURO26 Card.

We started our trip from sightseeing the Olympiastadio that was built to host athletes during the Olympic Games in 1916 which finally did not take place. Berlin organised the Olympiad in 1936. Now on the Olympiastadio plays one of the football team from Bundesliga, Hertha Berlin.
The stadium made a great impression on us because of its size.

Despite of not having slept so much time the previous night, we decided to visit as many places as we could. Taking the underground, we reached the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche. The church is situated near the district Charlottenburg and it is considered to be very characteristic point of Berlin due to its Neoromanesque architecture.  

In the same quarter we could admire the building of Bahnhof Zoo. In the past the regional Railway Station was the main communication point of the East Berlin and in the same time the place always occupated by young drug addicts. One of them Christiane F. described a story of her live spent on the Bahnhof Zoo published in a book called <<Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo>> which turned out to be a great success.

There is one place which cannot be missed during sightseeing the city of Berlin. It is obviously Brandenburger Tor which is a timeless symbol of the capital. In which consists the importance of the Brandenburg Gate? This monument was built to commemorate the person of Frederick the Great and also the power of Kingdom of Prussia. After the demolition of the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburger Tor symbolises the unity of German people.


There are many more monuments which represents the real power and history of Berlin for example Reichstag or Bundestag, Berliner Dum or the Berliner Fernsehturm. However, it was not my intention to present them all. I was about to encourage You to visit this great city inhabited by the diversified society, really polite and multilingual people.

The last photo presents the piece of the Berlin Wall but not a part very colorful and admired by many tourists.

Friday, 7 November 2014

A trip to Prague

Dear readers,

I would like to share with you my experience related with a sightseeing trip to Prague.
I visited Prague once in September and I spent there 4 days.
Why Prague? The idea was born when one of Polish bus lines started to sell a new quota of cheap tickets. I bought two for me and my boyfriend. The price for them was really low but I do not remember it excatly.
The trip by bus took about 13 hours spent basically on sleeping and eating chocolate :).

Our hostel was situated in Žižkov, the quarter of Prague which name derives from Hussite leader called Jan Žižka. It was far away from the Old Town but the pubblic transport in Prague is fully developed so there was not any problem with communication in the city.

Prague is the biggest city od Czech Republic so the sightseeing should be planned carefully.

Our first day we spent on visiting the Old Town which is rich in catedrals, fountains, theatres and climatic cafes.

The second day we decided to sightsee Hradčany which is the royal district of Prague with an enorme castle and St Vitus Cathedral which made a great impression on us not less as the Charles Bridge. The whole zone is situated on the other side of river Weltawa and also on acclivity.

The last two days we planned to spend on sightseeing those places which are not very crowded and presented in many guidebooks as Vyšehrad from which we could admire the view over the whole city. We also tried to discover interesting places in Žižkov as the monument of Jan Žižka and Žižkovský vysílač that is the transmitter tower, 'inheritance' from the Communist Regime.

I consider that it is worth to see Prague because it is the capital with interesting history and can offer a great deal of attractions and the best beer I have ever drunk.