Monday, 27 October 2014

My first blog experience starts with....

It is not my first experience related with writing a blog. Many years ago when I was in primary school, I tried to be a dog breeder to like. There was a group of girls who was creating their little breeding by publishing pictures of dogs on their blog sites. Every dog had its own name written in corner of a photo, a certificate of birth and the other information related with its favourite play. Furthermore it was possible to buy one dog picture to your breeding from another user to enlarge your herd and realise your unreal plan to breed these dogs in reality. When I recollect this time, I consider that it was not a very interesting moment in my life but the time which took me a real passion for animals and knowledge of cynology which remains up to this day.

From one of those blogs I heard about a dog breed which would steal my heart in the near future. In 2004 Australian Cattle Dog was an unknown dog breed in Poland. There were only two or three breeders who were expanding their business with determination to promote this charming dog breed.

I think it was one day in 2004 when I found a breeder from Poznan called Diamantina whose female was an expectant mother. It turned out that there were expected 9 puppies among them 4 males and 5 females. It was evident for me that I would choose a male one. The puppies were born in 28th of July 2005. They were very little and had completely white complexion.

My dog was called Crystal Diamantina but it is only a breeding name. Family and friends called him Axel, the name which I found in German course book.

Axel is now 9 years old. He loves retrieving and even prefer it to eating. He is a very clever and docile dog but not easy to train. I miss him so much and even if he lives nearly 300 kilometres from Poznan, he is always on my mind ! :))