Saturday, 31 October 2015

When your pet hurts...


do you have a pet or would you like to have? I suppose that the big part of you say 'yes'. When you are sad, a little bit alone, when everything goes wrong, there is always it, a small member of your family. I have always had a pet. My friendship with animals has begun from taking care of two hamsters (and later) another one. The first couple was siblings called Edyta and Maksiu. Edyta was mine when Maksiu was my brother's.
Just then for the first time I felt what does the care mean. I do not know why but Edyta was similar to me- dominant, sometimes aggressive. I will never forget many moments like that: Edyta wanted to run in hamster's reel and also Maksiu. When she was inside, he tried to go on the top but he always went down. Maksiu was very stubborn and took several attempts. But what was really sad to my was the day in which Maksiu died. My dad told us that the hamster had a worm in his small nose. As really could it be strange, I did believe in it. He died, suffering. From that time I have decided that no more animal will stay without my help.

Now I have two dogs. They live with my parents in my hometown. They have a really nice and great garden to run and bark. I am sure they are happy animals. However, about two weeks ago it turned out that the eldest is seriously ill. How has it started? In the past Alf was a really active dog. He liked playing, barking and eating as well. Recently, he started to be passive, very tired, sleepy and massive. He also begun to drink a great amount of water and feel always hungry. He has always like eating but it has started to be an obsession. He was spending much time in the front of the fidge, waiting for somebody who gives him some tidbit.

The diagnosis was really sad. Alf has his liver completely demaged and enlarged. I thought 'what had happened'? My two dogs eat the same food and the second one is as right as a rain. After the blood tests we has been really sure: our dog suffers from cushing's syndrome. What is it? It is one of the most common dogs' endocrine disease caused by hyperfunction of adrenal gland.. The same name is called the analogous people's disease. What are the main symptoms? Increased thirst, urinary frequency, a massive stomach, weakness and many more realated symptoms. My parents have decided to fight for the health of our twelve-year-old little friend. Now Alf is taking really toxic medicines which will probably have to take for all his life. Thanks God he tolerates medications and his condition is getting better from day to day. He is drinking less and has lost weight. We are not sure what has caused the disease. Probably it could be a cancer because one of most frequent reasons is a tumour of the adrenal gland. Unfortunately, the medicines, taken by my dog, are really expensive because those have to be imported from United Kingdom or Slovakia. However, the vet says that in November they will probably start the production in one of the Polish factories. 

So cross your fingers for my dog. Even if he is quite old, I belive he will win his life!   


Sunday, 25 October 2015

A success

Hi there,

have you ever wondered what is success for you? I am sure you have. Today when many people compete with one another, we are under the pressure of success. The rivalry begins just from the elementary school when a teacher gives you a case to solve in the shortest time. Who is the first raises their hand. This situation makes you feel determined to try to be the best and the fastest. You have to remember to answer the question correctly. Now the six-year-old children go to school. Is it a right age to start? I think it is. There are many countries in which the children start from four or five. It is a common step to be educated. Is the Polish school prepared to teach six-year-old? For me not. For those young students it is difficult to concentrate themself for a long time. It is neccessary to teach them through various kind of play.

The rivalry also begins from the parents' side. Some of them sometimes want to realise their own dreams, showing a child a way to follow. It is really important to study languages and have a hobby but it should be really your own one, not your mother's or father's. I am really disgusted with a TV shows like 'Aplauz, Aplauz', in which children and parents compete with another family singing. I think it is a wrong idea which enforces the children to noxious competition. It is also a big stress for the young. Everybody observes and judges you. Could a win in this kind of competition be treated like a success? I think yes but for who? For the child or the parent?

The life consists of many small successes, these personal and those shared. We should always remember to be in accordance with our dreams and our priciples. Of course we can play hardball but sooner or later we we will regret it.

My life consists of small everyday achievements. I am not a really demanding person. I am happy with my family's successes and mine because happiness of my love ones is my happiness.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

One of the favorites of the last holiday


These days the weather is not pampering us in Poland so I would like to encourage you to start reading! 
So know a book which I read last holiday. The position is strictly related to sport insasmuch from some time I have been fully interested in every type of movement.

Do you know Lance Armstrong? Whoever cannot know him or at least hear some news about this supercyclist. However, are you sure about his being a character worth to follow? I have never been keen on cycling. It seemed to me boring when a group of sweaty guys was riding, riding and riding and the scenery was still the same. I bought 'The cycle of lies' by accident. It was to buy in a really nice price in one of the biggest bookshops so I said 'why not'?

The person who wrote up this tragic and really disgusting real story was Juliet Macur, a sport journalist of Polish roots. For years she had tried to describe the frauds of the cycling, especially those related to Lance Armstrong and she did. The writer shows a really complicated sport carrer of one man and many other dominated by him. What did Armstrong do to win nearly every title and every price in the cycling world? Well, we can say he has been born as a person who could not immagine himself as a second. He had to be the first. Lance Armstrong was a real lier, who pulled the wool over the eyes of every single cycling fan. The author of 'The cycle of lies' desribes in detail Armstrong's way to the top; The way which was really dangerous, bumpy, which at least once has nearly killed him. He was not the first to take dope but the procursor of pracise it in at this scale. His cycling team was a really well-organised machine ready to win but not without sweat, sacrifice and risk. For many years he had tried to defend himself, rebuting. But the truth always wins.

I fully recommend you to read this bestseller book, which tells a real story of a sportman who could have never been treated like this. The legend who in reality did not exist. It was only in our immagination because all the career was just a big lie. The book for those who have a lot of nerve.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Coming back with Gorzow Wielkopolski ;)

Hi there,

I have not been there for so much time! It was a three-month long period full of lazy days and relax.
The new academic year has just started and my blogging time as well. :)

Today I want to tell you about one of my holiday trips, which I took with my boyfriend (the most perseverant man I have ever met). One day in September we visited Gorzow Wielkopolski, the capital city of Lubusz Voivodeship. We started our trip early about five a.m. with an intention to sightsee also Krzyz Wielkopolski.
Well, I have to write how the things have gone from the start.

We arrived in Krzyz Wielkopolski, a small town on the border of Greater Poland and Lubusz Voivodeship, at seven a.m. The town seemed to be charming and because of its size it turned out to be friendly and also the people. We had planned earlier what we wanted to see so we knew our expectations. Krzyz Wielkopolski counts about seven thousand of inhabitants. The town is an important station on the railways because just right there cross the main railway lines of the country.
In Krzyz you can admire the building of a railway station, a few churches and a water tower. On the one of the railway station's platform is situated one old but renovated locomotive. Small green squares also decorate the town, giving a while of rest to tourists. I have to recommand you to try the local donuts so tasty and very cheap. :)

Gorzow Wielkopolski welcomed us with a sunny weather and pretty high temperature. We were lucky people that time. It is a medium-size city which, for me, has many to offer but is sometimes wrongly unappreciated as a tourist attraction. The boulevard at the Warta river is cared and clean with small restaurants, tea gardens, benches and a fountain. There are also at least four statues, one of which is a symbol of Gorzow's boulevard. It is called Janusz Gorzowski. He is a man who sits on the sunbed reading a newspaper. From the distance he looks like a real human but when we go closer we can see that it is made from some kind of plastic and wax. Gorzow can boast about a new concert hall which is made in a modern style. It looks like a one big glass cube. In the center in one of the department stotes there are a few statues of people related to the story of Gorzow as Albert de Luge (th founder of the city) or Oswald Schreiber (a veterinary). The Old Town consists of many small and twisting streets surrounded by parks. The monuments worth to sighsee are witches' well, the gothic cathedral and Osterwa's theatre. One caracteristic point of Gorzow Wielkopolski is an observation tower called the spider, which is not very high but looks quite original and can also be treated as a symbol. The amateurs of sport can also find there something special. Gorzow Wielkopolski has one of the most modern speedway stadium in which take place events on the national and international level. The local speedway team Stal Gorzow are successful in Polish Speedway Extraleague.